Thursday, 26 March 2015

Slice #26 - The Lonely (Connection to My Childhood Memories)

This slice was inspired by a slice written by Anna D. and well, I found a song that really reminded me of my childhood memories yesterday so... Please enjoy! Do go ahead and have a look at my friend's blog!

The Lonely by: Christina Perri

'2am; where do I begin,
Crying off my face again.
The silent sound of loneliness
Wants to follow me to bed.'

When I was young, and still going to Kindergarden. Both of my parents would be working during the day, and when it was time for me to sleep my dad would be there. But then if he leaves before I fell asleep, I would be really lonely and scared of being alone in the dark.

'I'm the ghost of a girl that I want to be most.
I'm the shell of a girl that I used to know well.'

During school times I wouldn't have many friends to talk with, and sometimes I would act differently from when I act at home. Sometimes very envious of my classmate who was a girl, just because she looked like she was very smart (though I wasn't exactly sure)!

'Dancing slowly in an empty room,
Can the lonely take the place of you?
I sing myself a quiet lullaby.
Let you go and let the lonely in
To take my heart again.'

Sometimes if I was bored, I would find a empty room in the house and start making up dance moves (even if I sucked at dancing). Only to soon think of how lonely and boring it can be at times, wishing that my mom would be home earlier. When I feel like making up songs, I would usually end up singing a song that kind of relates to it or melodies sound the same. 
When I finally got used to my mom not being home often, I got used to being alone with no one else to play with. 

'Too afraid to go inside
For the pain of one more loveless night.
Cause the loneliness will stay with me
And hold me till I fall asleep.'

At that time, my mom would often fly to other countries for work. At night I was used to my mom being home late and was ok, but if I had the bed all to myself in the morning it would feel very weird. And normally I would wrap my blanket around me tightly.

'I'm the ghost of a girl that I want to be most.
I'm the shell of a girl that I used to know well.'

Even today, every Tuesday there would be a small little Family dinner kind of thing for my dad's side of the family. I was always envious of my older cousin who was better at me in everything! At times like this, sometimes I would also act differently from when I act at home, especially since I was terribly afraid of my dad at that time!

'Dancing slowly in an empty room,
Can the lonely take the place of you?
I sing myself a quiet lullaby.
Let you go and let the lonely in
To take my heart again.'

When I think that I should exercise or do some physical activity, I would find a place where I knew that nobody would watch me. Then I would start trying to dance a dance that I've seen before or a dance that we had to perform and practice it in the kitchen (with the music). Sometimes if I knew the lyrics to the rest of the songs, I would sing along with it; ending up repeating some of the songs softly before I sleep.  

'Broken pieces of
A barely breathing story
Where there once was love
Now there's only me and the lonely.'

If my mom was gone for a longer time than usual, sometimes I would miss her allot and start breaking down and crying. The next day, I would act very gloomy and wouldn't want to hang around both adults or kids, just playing by myself and making up stories in my head while I'm at it.

'Dancing slowly in an empty room
Can the lonely take the place of you?
I sing myself a quiet lullaby
Let you go and let the lonely in
To take my heart again.'

After all the times that my mom had left me alone during her travels, I got accustomed to my daily independent playing routines. Most of the times where there was hardly anyone that sits/hangs around. Occasionally swirling around in circles if I can't think of anything better to do, then collapsing on the sofa and feeling really sick and dizzy. If a song that I have heard somewhere pops into my head while I'm doing something, I hum it or sing it again, and again, and again; until I get tired of it. This was the time where it didn't matter where my mom was, as long as I knew that she would be back. 
I just sit alone, and distract myself of other things in my imagination; where I wouldn't think of my loneliness anymore...

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Slice #25 - The Newcomer in the Dark Side of Academia

This time, I was thirty minutes earlier than the roosters calling. I wriggled excitedly into my clothes, and snatched my things; swiping a freshly cooked grilled cheese sandwich.
"You seem to be up earlier than usual." Anna the Second said softly, I grinned.
"I have to keep our new comer company!" I replied with the same volume, and she gave me a thumbs up. I had a little jump in my step, whistling and headed towards the gloomy dungeon of Academia.

With a softer 'Clang' I swung the creaking door open, I peered into the sound prisoners and grinned when I reached one of the last few cells in the dungeon.
"Why good morning!" I said cheerfully to the Queen of Gorvenal. She glared at me with a death stare, I gave a soft chuckle. The Queen of Gorvenal was shocked at my behaviour towards her then looked the other way, only to by startled by a rat scurrying across the floor. With her tattered and muddy dress swaying by her run she reached out her cell and sobbed to me;
"Please! I don't want to stay here anymore! I Promise I will not attack you anymore!" I stepped a little to my right, and saw a glance of the so called fingers-crossed action; where it means you're lying to a person. I smiled at her then jangled my keys near her ears, her fingers tried to swipe at it but, received a whip near her hand.
"No grub for you today~!" I called back to the queen, and walked away, tossing the half loafs to the ones that have stayed longer.

Out where I have temporary locked the main door, I watched Adrian water his graceful but dangerous roses. Listening to the soft thuds of Daniel stamping into his book with information of who has passed on. Swishing my whip playfully, stopping when I see Anna the First in view.
"How's our newcomer?" Anna the First asks a little worried, I looked at her with stern eyes.
"Right next to her fingers. Might have felt the wind... But after a few months of practice I seem to hit right where I want it to." I replied yawning. Anna the First gave me a suspecting look, I stared right into her eyes boringly.
"Care to join me?" I asked, Anna the First sighed and nodded a little unsure. I smirked and swung the doors open for her, slightly bowing as our echoing footsteps went further into the giant cage.
Many cringed at the sight of Anna the First when we pass the many cells, some even prayed silently that it won't be himself/herself that would be chosen.
"Have you come to execute me at last?" The Queen of Gorvenal asked us snapping a little. Anna shook her head, then squatted down looking straight at the shameful and cowering ruler's face. I sigh and took a stroll to other stalls.

Stars were already blinking for me to go back, I hear Anna the First's footsteps at the gate. When she came into view, she had a serious expression on, and it told me not to question her. Moaning, the door shut and I clanked the lock. Like a lonely firefly, we walked together in silence, a curious moon watching close by.
"Goodnight, Anna the First." I whispered, she nodded back at me.
A little worried I slowly place my things on the shelf and slip back into my nightwear. I lay there thinking for a moment of what had happened during the day...
Not too long after, I blow out the candle and drift off with dreams.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Slice #24 - A Different Angle, a Different Story

Walking past the window,
occasionally staring out into the world;
beyond the outstretched horizon,
where the sun sinks into blankets.

An aroma of bright green wonders;
a multi-coloured table of delicacy.
I look out the glass sliding doors;
the Sun already resting on his pillow.

The next day, I happened
to look out the window.
Determined pink flowers,
fingers reaching far for the sun.

Curious scents, found me;
leading me to old memories.
As I step out, wandering around the pool;
I see flowers, outstretched to reach Me,
surrounding Rapunzel's balcony.

Feeling wet but comfortable,
a shore, waiting to be explored!
The waves, lapping at smooth edges.

Now when I'm ashore, where the ocean
is the lake like pool; the waves still lapping.
A curious garden, where secrets unfold!

A click, shy green secrets perform;
curiosity, an audience, us people.
With new bravery, they tell us stories.

Another click, shadows of the stage;
hiding the performers, shy once more.
Engulfed in blankets of black, awaiting.
Until daylight shines, a spotlight!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Slice #23 - Late Night Intruder

A high pitched noise, countless thuds, and screams. I was stirred from my deep slumber, that I yearned to continue. I kept my eyes closed, hoping that it would pass... No! It didn't! It kept screaming and thudding, almost as if it was right outside my door! Right outside my door... Could it be?! I wouldn't know how to deal with it, if I had to in the morning!
Fear came cackling in my ears, devouring me slowly, making me unable to move from my spot.
"Shoot... Gotta call someone......" I said to myself, but fear pinned me down;
keeping me from getting out of bed and going to my phone. 'GET UP!' I screamed to myself. Another thud, it sounded like it was hitting against my door! I was waiting for the sound of my lego crashing to the floor, but nothing happened. Though I could still hear the High screeches and the loud thudding!
"No... Please no!" I whispered.

Laying there, helpless for those long minutes; logic started to tear Fear away from me. Helping me to realize, if I were to lay there and do NOTHING, it wouldn't help me AT ALL! My body tired from yesterday, pushed myself up as quick as possible. Quickly I scrambled down the ladder of my loft bed, stumbled to my phone, and shakily typed in the numbers for my Grandma's phone number.
"Please, pick it up... Pick it up...!" I whispered. The second she picked up, I was a little more calm but still worried about what I was hearing.
"What's wrong?" Grandma asked,
"I hear... I hear noises, and it sounds like its right outside my room!" I blurted, and she said she was going to come and check it out. I heard countless doors being opened and closed, nothing out of the ordinary......

So in that moment when my door swung open, I looked out to see... Everything was just the way it was any other day! I stared in shock, awe, confusion, anger and tired eyes.
"It's alright! There's nothing here!" My Grandma announced, Grandpa was here too! My hand still clutched my phone tightly, hardly believing my eyes!
"I swear I..." I started, but was cut off by the high screeches and loud thuds.
"Where is THAT coming from?" My Grandparents wondered aloud, I looked around.
"I don't know... Up there?" I suggested, and they looked up.
"The roof?!" Grandma asked, and I shrugged. Tired I said my goodnights and hoped for a deep sleep now that I don't have to worry about anything trying to attack me... It was no use, I was really tired, and was shocked for a long moment. I had to cry a little, I didn't really understand why. But I did, and a few minutes later I heard my door open again.
"You know it might as well be that we caught that creature that has been scurrying around the roof for a while... Oh and if you're scared, you're welcome to come to our room. That is... If you want?" Grandma reassured, I thanked her and told her that I would be fine. We said our last goodnights and she slowly closed my door.

I tossed and turned for most of the time after, hearing the continuos screeches and thudding above my head. Only when my body couldn't take it anymore, and my ears now used to those sounds, fell asleep. Which I was then woken up by the ring of my alarm, and the softer high screeching...

(Self Illustrated)

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Slice #22 - A Calming Shower

They slither through our clothes,
when there's nothing for us to cover.

Clouds that used to be of a pure white,
even changed their moods for these elements;
A grey and rumbling mood, like Zeus' anger.

Fear not, for this mood gives us,
the chance to wash away our problems.

A chance that also purifies these lands covered,
in dust, pollution and all that we've done to earth.
Like millions of cleaners, swiftly cleaning the mess.

These rain drops, pound the earth.
Light footprints that covers our roads.

When they slowly start to leave, flying invisibly.
The sky starts to turn brighter, clouds angel white;
All creatures big and small, peer out into the world.

In the end, the world; rid of dirt,
left in a purely soaked ray of light.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Slice #21 - Winter In the Shadows of Acedemia

Snowflakes were dancing outside our windows. This time I change into my warm clothes and coat in under my blankets and slowly crawl out; wishing that time would slow down. I hooked on my whip and my cold keys, then grabbed the bags. Even the roosters cries that were heard the second I stepped out of the door was much more like a whisper than a alarm clock ring. Clutching the close to frozen bag of grub, with gloves that could hardly keep my fingers from turning blue.

When I clank the frozen main door open slowly, I watched as a thousand pale breaths were breathing in and out shakily. Oh, I forgot to mention this was also the time of the year, where I would toss in blankets with whole loafs of bread to the prisoners. Which was the only thing that kept them alive, or at least healthy enough to survive the bitter nights.
"Better keep warm, cause I don't think the Undertaker would like to work on snowy nights... It would get on his nerves!" I warned to the prisoners. 

Even I wasn't the only one that couldn't sit still in the shadows of our kingdom. Sure it was pretty, but everyone here was FREEZING to their bones! Even Adrian could hardly keep his garden blossoming properly, which made him extremely upset. Daniel the Undertaker would try his best not to mess up anything whenever he had to record in his book of the people who have passed on. Anna the First was also having a hard time, and mostly her job for execution would be a little more easier, since the prisoners were glad to be rid of the cold!

When everyone was already huddled in front of their hearths, I was trotting and humming, swinging my only source of warmth back and forth. I fast walked my way in quickly checking each cell, and jogging my way out, slamming the door gratefully behind me. This was when I would sprint my way into my room, light the fire place and slip into my warmer night wear. 
Then I would crawl back into my warm covers, and drift off into the night, with everybody else; who wishes that they wouldn't have to face another cold chilly day! 

Friday, 20 March 2015

Slice #20 - Weekends of A Dungeon Guard In Acedemia

Like any other Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and well... Oh, ok Friday! I beat the roosters call, and leap out of bed. Slipping back into my day clothes and belt; hooking on my whip and bell like keys. Slinging on the bag with crumbs all over as I step out. The only difference is that I took another bag with me as I went out. Let's not forget that ALL humans need food (which I somehow forgot in my last post), I snatched some grilled cheese and ham sandwich out, clenched in-between my teeth.

Humming softly and swinging my bag of bread, I clanked the door open. My first round was just checks, and while I'm heading out I toss Whole loafs of bread to our prisoners. These are the days when almost ALL of them behave well, only recent newcomers would dare try and grab my keys; only to receive my hidden wrath from a crack of my whip.

When I didn't have to go in to check, my eyes would wander around, soaking in the sight of the Palace of Acedemia. Occasionally taking my guitar out of its bag, and strumming our songs. If Anna the First had happened to pass, we would sing songs about the side we worked on in the kingdom; mostly imagining Adrian's flowers as our audience. Sometimes if we were lucky enough, Adrian would even take his trumpet and play along!
These are also the days where Anna the First vows to NEVER step into the dungeon, and though she could be mistaken for more cracks of my whip; those newcomers who don't know, would come. Anna the First hearing that I didn't make a move today, let out a sigh relief.

When the stars and moon were willing to shine, my footsteps would be heard, and my swinging lantern would be seen. I still hummed softly, of songs that described the bright night sky. These occasional lullabies for the prisoners to sleep well, and ready themselves for the harder days to come.
Back in my room, where all my things are set down. I read a page, or maybe two, then blow out the candles; preparing for the harder days.